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Earn money travelling: Worldvybe could be the answer!

Are you an enthusiastic traveler trying to understand how to earn from your passion? 

If you are interested in understanding how you can take advantage of your experience without building up an own travel blog, you are in the right place!
I am, in fact, here ready to explain how to use www.worldvybe.com, a free travel website, which will allow you to share your travel experiences in a professional way with thousands of potential readers. 

Do you think it is difficult? I am sure that, after this post, you will change your mind! C'mon! What are you waiting for? Make yourself comfortable, you will see that you just have to follow my instructions step by step to succeed, also because Worldvybe has been designed to make sharing experiences as easier as possible! All you need is some free time: are you ready to start? 

How Worldvybe works

How many times while organizing a trip did you start looking for friends who had already been to that place to get some advice or suggestions? [....What was that place like? Is it worth going there? Better to change your destination?....]

If you didn't find anyone, how many hours did you spend looking for information on internet? [....How do I travel from A to B by train? Is it feasible? ]

... and once you found the information you were looking for, did you trust it?

Worldvybe has a very simple goal: extend your circle of friends to a community of travelers willing to provide you with this support in a "freemium" approach: some information is free while other, for a fee.

Have you just returned from a breathtaking trip to the Philippines? Roundtrip in America? Worldvybe is the right place to share these experiences by enhancing the knowledge you have gathered "on the field"!

But how does it work? After logging in, click on "share trip" at the top to open a questionnaire: answering the different questions that will be asked you will be able to "post" your travel diary in a short while helping other users to organize a trip similar to yours. 

But at this point, the question comes spontaneously is: ok nice, I share my travel experiences but ... what do I gain from it? 
As I anticipated before, while answering the questionnaire you can decide whether to make some of your travel information shareable only against the payment of a small sum, deciding independently how much to make them pay. Just remember that a user is willing to pay only if he is sure of the quality of the information .. it's up to you to convince him!

And do you know what the interesting thing is? That more people buy your trip and more you earn .. dedicating the right time to the compilation of this travel diary is therefore very important! Do not underestimate the social component: now, if you want to get noticed, you must also be present on social platforms, so do not forget to publish the link to your travel diary also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Do you want to see the final result? Click this link to see what an end user can see here 

Are you interested in? Register on Worldvybe.com and once logged in you can start uploading your first trip by clicking on "share trips"! 

Tips for finding the most interesting travel destinations

Worldvybe has an observatory that constantly monitors the destinations most sought after by users both on its website and, in general, on the various search engines. If your goal is to get an economic return from using Worldvybe, carefully choosing the destinations to load can be a good way to increase your chances of selling by distinguishing yourself from the other Worldvyber!
At the moment, we recommend that you focus on the following destinations:

  • Europe: Iceland, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, the Balkans
  • Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
  • America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Cuba
  • Australia: Australia, New Zealand

You can also check our other posts on this section to get inspirations on other travel destinations! 

What do you need to get started

Ok, you understand how Worldvybe works, you have chosen your first destination to post and…. now? What should I do? 

Before explaining how it works in detail, let me spend a few words about the quality of the information. Even if we are talking about small amounts, a person is willing to spend money if he somehow trusts the content and quality of the shared information.

Said so it seems complicated but, in reality, it is only a matter of sharing genuine information detailing it so that it is also understandable for a person who has to organize a trip and especially talking about those lesser known places, but equally interesting to visit or reviews as far as it concerns the accommodation you visited and the places you frequent.

The Worldvybe team is in any case here to help you! Once the information has been loaded, before being published on the platform, the trip will be checked and verified by our team of experts who, in case, will suggest some improvements to make it even more appealing.

Finally, don't forget to pay the utmost care to the aesthetic component; pay particular attention to the quality of the pictures so that they stand out and stand out considerably

Well, haven't you signed up yet? Now that we have made this necessary premise, you just have to do it and once inside click on "share trip". A panel will open that will ask you for some information necessary for billing and transferring earnings to your account (this information will be required only for the first travel). To do this, Worldvybe leverages on stripe.com, a very secure and popular payment platform.

Once the administrative activities are completed, by clicking on “next” the real compilation of the travel diary begins. And what is the first thing to indicate? The title of your fantastic journey! I recommend choosing a captivating title and, at the same time, clear that it leaves no doubt about the destination described.

Follow a whole series of general information on the destination with the possibility of uploading photos and videos. It is in this section that the price you ask for the information you are sharing must also be indicated, I recommend choosing the right price is a fundamental aspect and it must be well considered evaluating several factors such as:
  1. 1. The quality of the information contained
  2. 2. The completeness of the contents
  3. 3. The uniqueness of the proposed trip
  4. 4. The characteristics that distinguish it
  5. 5. How well established and known you are on the platform
Based on our experience, a price that is between 10 and 15 € is considered a good starting point ... but nothing also prevents you from trying an alternative strategy.

Once the section is completed, clicking on “next” you will indicate the different steps of the journey where you have the possibility to indicate also for each the destination the hotels, restaurants, points of interest and means of transport used. I recommend you pay the right attention to this information, in our experience they are the ones that make the difference!I'd say you just have to try! If you have doubts we are here! 

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