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Welcome to our support center, please find below the main frequent answers to your questions, if you have any additional doubt, please feel free to contact us

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WorldVybe is very simple. You create your personal profile, telling us what you like and what you look for when travelling. Here you can share your pictures, videos and thoughts. You can stop here and just use the platform as canvas for your trips and check what other travelers are doing. Or you can use the full potential of the community. 1. If you are about to start a new trip the things you need the most are indications on what to see, what to do. Where and how. Preferably from someone who was there. This support comes from the community. Among numerous offers, you can choose for the “trip schemes” that more suits your tastes and interests. You can contact the guide and download the detailed plan of what he did and how. The added value of this service is that the trip schemes contain highly detailed daily descriptions and tips on how to get the best out of the trip, based on the typology of traveler you are. 2. If you are just back from an amazing journey you can share it with the community and monetize your experience. You can you can upload the description of your trip with all the relevant suggestions and advices. Through your personal profile you can manage the marketing and the pricing of you offering and support out growing community.
You buy information. Not just high-level recommendations but well detailed day-to-day trip plans Information on what to do, what to avoid and how to organize all the different pieces of the puzzle is one of the most valuable resources when planning a new trip. You can reduce the uncertainty of a new exploration to the minimum possible level thanks to the help of other people like you who already lived the experience and the troubles. The plans you get with WorldVybe are suggestions. You can add your own touch to them.
To purchase a plan is very intuitive. The dashboard is the center of the platform. Here you have normal posts and Trips to purchase. Using the search bar you can navigate the dashboard selecting keyword, such as destination, users or trip categories, or sorting the dashboard for the most recent or the most relevant trip. Clicking on the Trip for sale you can review the summary of the trip described, the characteristics of the trip and a sample of pictures and videos and the comments. You can decide whether that is the trip for you and buy it or you can discard it and move on to something that suits you more. After the purchase the plan will be available with all the details on you device and will be reachable everywhere, guiding you in your trip.
Sharing your trip is very easy. After having set up your bank account with Stripe, you just need to select “Share Trip” into the toolbar. Here, you have to fill the predetermined fields with the required information. The “Post description” section will be displayed as cover letter when a user will see your post, while the “about the trip” section will be displayed as summary of the post, displayed in the common dashboard. Thanks to the integration with Google Maps, all the destinations you will describe will be displayed on the map. The indicative budget per person defines, more or less, how much you paid to do that trip, while the selling price defines how much a potential purchaser will pay for your plan. The prices indicated here are gross of WorldVybe fees and taxes. Very import, you can define the kind of trip you did with the characterization of several trips categories. The rating scales go from 1 to 5. These categories will drive the users researches in the dashboard when they will be looking for specific categories. Once you are done describing all the details you can submit the plan and this will be automatically be available for everyone to be selected and purchased. If you did not finished, you can save a draft version and pick it up later from your profile page.
We want to stress this concept again: when someone acquires your trip journal you get real money. In order to be able to receive money on your personal bank account you need to open an account with a payment processor, that is Stripe. Creating a Stripe account is a necessary condition if you want to share any travel journal. Creating an account with Stripe is easy and free. Go under “My profile” and click on the “connect with Stripe” button. You will be redirected on the Stripe web site. Here, follow the instructions fill the form with your personal information and connect your personal bank account to Stripe. For more information about stripe visit: Any questions? Contact us
WorldVybe applies a flat fee of 5 euros + TVA (22%) to the gross price of each travel journal sold. As promotional discount for the launch of the platform, WorldVybe sill charge 3 EUR + TVA for all the travels sold till 31st Dec. 2019 For fees applied by Stripe as mean of payment please visit the link :